Niroafarinan canopies benefits

Do you have an open genset and want to get rid of its noise?! You are at the right place, welcome to this page!

Silent gensets made by Niroafarinan Pasargad come with the optimum yield and lowest level of noise!

Steel made isolating room for noise and heat, made around diesel generators with 1.5 mm thickness in body and 4 mm or thicker in framework. Inner walls are covered with insulating cover and a fuel tank is placed at the lower part of the room containing a volume for 20 hours of running. Easy access to the engine has been predicted from both sides for future repairs. Altogether, our canopies reduce the noise level by -35 to -20 db.

Why we need canopies

  1. Engineering and professional design according to the genset vital parameters i.e. noise level, air input and output, exhaust silencer, …
  2. Best quality materials including best Iranian steel sheets, corrosion-resistant hinges and door locks, electrostatic paint, adhesive, …
  3. Maximum access to the engine for future repairs and operator friendly.
  4. Fast delivery: our canopies are delivered within 7 days all over the country
  5. User friendly: our canopies are made and installed according to your needs, conditions and your desired color code.
  6. We build the canopies on the gensets while the engine is running, no need to stop you job!
  7. Minimal space requirements: the canopies are designed and built according to your space to get the most out of it.
  8. Easy to transport: all our canopies are assembled and disassembled easily and need a very small space for transportation.
  9. Competitive price: we offer our canopies based on competitive prices while they come with the best quality. Compare our prices to find out how much money you will save by ordering your new canopy by filling our quote form.