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To get the best ever quality products available in the market of Iran, you are at the right place, get them through us! We do supply the best international products while our local products meet the highest native standards too. We do supply Guaranty for all of our products which is backed up with reliable drafts and comes unlimited for a period of two years. Our guaranty services pop up when you need them all over Iran and leave no concerns in your mind.

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Our products come with gold guaranty.

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تولد 7 سالگی نیرو آفرینان پاسارگاد

Niroafarinan Pasargad is your reliable source for diesel generators, canopies, trollies, ATS panels and synchronizers taking advantage of its seven solid brilliant years of experience. We achieve all the long process of design, production and manufacturing of diesel generators, electric panels i.e. control, MCCB, ATS and synchronizer panels as well as canopies and trollies with international and local standards with competitive price. Please visit our Products page!


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